Discomfort in the external genital area

Healthy skin copes with external stress factors caused by the use of detergents, excessive washing, friction etc. by reconstructing the protective acid mantle. However, it requires time to do this. If the skin cannot regenerate itself quickly enough to cope with continuous disturbance or permanent destruction of its protective acid mantle, the result can be irritation (evident as redness, itching or burning). Longer term disruption of the acid protective mantle can occur, for example, when hygiene products that remove fat from the skin and destroy the skin’s acid protective mantle are used to clean the external intimate area. Pathogens can more easily develop and spread on skin that has been damaged by such hygiene products, and may also enter the vagina in some cases.

It is therefore important for your intimate hygiene that you only use warm water or a mild intimate wash lotion that does not strip lipids from the skin and is adapted to the pH of the intimate area, e. g. Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion.

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