Vaginal dryness. You weren’t expecting that were you?

On the air with Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair Tackles ‘‘Taboos” in New Vagisan Campaign

At Vagisan we have never shied away from breaking taboos. That’s why we are delighted to announce Jenny Eclair is to star in our latest national Vagisan campaign.

In a bid to end the stigma around vaginal dryness and the menopause, it will be the first time a UK celebrity has talked so openly about the issue on multi-channel TV.

One in two women in the UK suffers from vaginal dryness and research shows that 80% feel too embarrassed and uncomfortable to talk about it. 61% of sufferers say it affects their relationships.1

An acclaimed actress and novelist, Jenny is also a bold ambassador for women’s issues, from health and the menopause, to sexuality.

“It infuriates me that a stigma still exists around vaginal dryness. It has to stop,” she says.  “It’s very easy to fall into a pattern of putting up with things when you don’t have to. Knowledge is power. Especially when the remedy for vaginal dryness is there. We shouldn’t feel ashamed of it, or embarrassed when dealing with it. Women deserve to feel good whatever their age.”


Enjoy our new commercials!

The Vagisan Team 

The last thing you need during the menopause is a bothersome vagina.

On the air with Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair demonstrates vaginal dryness cream

Jenny Eclair talks about vaginal dryness

„Why get in a flap about women’s bits?“

A coffee morning with Jenny Eclair

1 Findings from djs research (2017) using 1000 UK females aged 18-70.