Vagisan Myko Combi 3 Days

3 vaginal pessaries
+ 20 g Cream

for vaginal mycosis (fungal infections or thrush)

The combi pack contains 3 vaginal pessaries with special Cremolum galenics. The pessary is simply inserted into the vagina without an applicator. It melts after insertion and, together with the vaginal fluid, forms a cream which, in addition to its anti-fungal effect, has a creamy effect on the vaginal skin, which often burns and itches with vaginal fungal infections. The combi-pack also contains a tube with cream for use in the external intimate area.

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Properties Vagisan Myko Combi 3 days

Vagisan Myko Combi 3 days is a combination of elongated, white vaginal pessaries in a foil strip and a white, smooth, easy-to-spread cream in an aluminium tube. The combination pack contains 3 vaginal pessaries and an aluminium tube with 20 g of cream for application on the skin.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to use our FAQ - Vagisan Myko Combi and Myko Combi 3 days.


1 vaginal pessary contains 200 mg clotrimazole and 1 g cream contains 20 mg clotrimazole.

The other ingredients of the vaginal suppository are: Cetylstearyl alcohol, hard fat, macrogol-20-glycerol monostearate, polyacrylic acid sodium salt.

The other ingredients of the cream are: Benzyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, cetyl stearyl alcohol, sodium citrate, octyldodecanol, polysorbate 60, sorbitan stearate, ger. water.

Vagisan Myko Combi 3 days is a medicinal product.


Vaginal pessary

Insert 1 vaginal pessary as deeply as possible into the vagina once a day for 3 consecutive days. You should preferably do this in the evening, as the vaginal pessary can then work while you sleep. As the vaginal pessary melts in the vagina, it is advisable to wear a panty liner to avoid greasy stains in your underwear.

The treatment should not be carried out during menstruation or should be completed before menstruation begins.

Cream for use in the external intimate area

To treat the itching and pain caused by inflammation of the labia caused by fungi, the cream is applied thinly to the external genital area from the vaginal entrance to the anus and rubbed in gently twice a day for 3 consecutive days. If necessary, a second treatment can be given for a further 3 days. However, if there is no improvement of the symptoms within 3 days, please contact your doctor.