Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum

16 Cremolum (vaginal pessaries)

Vaginal pessaries against vaginal dryness

Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum are creamy suppositories against vaginal dryness. For the relief of symptoms such as dryness, burning, itching and pain caused by a dry vagina. Also helps against pain during sex. And is hormone-free.

The advantages of Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum:

  • Without hormones
  • Relieves dryness, itching, burning and pain
  • Helps relieve pain during sex
  • Creamy suppository with nourishing lipids
  • Cares for the vagina and keeps it supple
  • Easy to use without applicator
  • Contains lactic acid
  • Developed by the Vagisan experts

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Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum - the creamy vaginal pessary

The Cremolum looks like a vaginal suppository but is unique in its kind. It melts in the warmth of the vagina and, together with the vaginal fluid, forms a cream that provides lasting care for the inside of the vagina.

In contrast to Vagisan MoistCream, which is inserted into the vagina with an applicator, Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum is simply inserted into the vagina with a finger. Heat and moisture transform the vaginal suppository into the nourishing cream.

The addition of a lactic acid-calcium lactate barrier causes the cream that forms in the vagina to have a pH value (acid value) of approx. 4.5 - thus Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum contributes to maintaining a healthy vaginal environment.

For further questions, please also use our FAQ – Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum.


Calcium Lactate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Coco-Glyerides, Lactic Acid, PEG-20 Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Carbomer.

The vaginal pessary is free of hormones as well as fragrances and preservatives.

Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum is a medical device.

How to use Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum

The vaginal pessaries are inserted into the vagina, preferably before going to bed.

  • The Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum can be applied 1x daily or less frequently (e.g. 2-3x per week). The frequency of use depends on the individual symptoms.
  • The pessary takes about 30 minutes to melt. Please wait the appropriate time before engaging in sexual intercourse to avoid disturbing any pessary residue in the vagina.
  • It is recommended to wear a panty liner during application.
  • Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The pessaries are hormone-free (free of oestrogens) and can therefore also be used together with systemic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or in alternation with vaginal creams or pessaries containing hormones (oestrogens).