Vagisan Lactic Acid

7 vaginal pessaries
14 vaginal pessaries

Prevent vaginal infections - support vaginal flora

Women who are prone to recurrent vaginal infections can restore or maintain a healthy vaginal environment with lactic acid bacteria or lactic acid and thus help to prevent vaginal infections themselves.
Preparations with lactic acid are useful if there are still enough lactic acid bacteria in the vagina and the remaining vaginal flora should be supported by acidification. The use of lactic acid bacteria is useful if the vaginal flora is permanently disturbed and needs to be rebuilt.

Rapid acidification of the vagina with lactic acid

In a healthy vagina, an acidic environment provides natural protection against infection. Acidification of the vaginal environment with lactic acid supports the growth of the typical "good" lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria), which essentially make up the vaginal flora. At the same time, the acidification slows down the multiplication of "pathogenic" germs. Lactic acid can therefore be used as a preventative measure in cases of a tendency to recurrent vaginal infections.
Vagisan lactic acid pessaries contain a mixture of lactic acid and sodium lactate. They are used to maintain and restore a natural acidity level (pH) in the vagina. This is normally between 3.8 and 4.4.
With Vagisan Lactic Acid, the vaginal environment is quickly and effectively acidified and brought into line with the normal pH value of the vagina. In this way, alkaline body fluids such as blood or semen (whose pH value is above 7 in each case) are also quickly "absorbed".

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Vagisan Lactic Acid is well tolerated; the vaginal pessaries can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If there is a tendency to recurrent vaginal infections, long-term treatment with Vagisan Lactic Acid is also safe.

Vagisan Lactic Acid stabilises the healthy, acidic pH value in the vagina. This strengthens the natural protective function of the vaginal flora and pathogens that cause vaginal infections or bladder infections, for example, can be kept at bay.

The vaginal pessaries are free of paraffin, mineral oils and other fats.

Vagisan Lactic Acid vaginal pessaries are free from heat-sensitive fatty substances and therefore do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Special storage conditions are not necessary.

If you have any further questions, please use our FAQ - Vagisan Lactic Acid.


1 vaginal pessary contains: Lactic Acid, Macrogol 1500, Macrogol 6000, Sodium Lactate.

Vagisan Lactic Acid is a medical device.

Pack sizes

  • Vagisan Lactic Acid, 7 vaginal pessaries
  • Vagisan Lactic Acid, 14 vaginal pessaries

Instructions for use

Here you can download the instructions for use for Vagisan Lactic Acid.

Download:  Vagisan guide vaginal infections.

Insert a vaginal pessary as deeply as possible into the vagina at night before going to bed. The vaginal pessary can be inserted more easily if it is moistened under running water beforehand. The use of a panty liner/pad is recommended, as the particularly good solubility of the vaginal pessaries can cause increased discharge.

The duration of use is generally 5-7 days. Vagisan lactic acid can also be used over a longer period of time 2-3 times a week (one vaginal pessary each evening).