Other vaginal infections e.g. bacterial vaginal infections

What happens to the vaginal flora?

Bacterial vaginal infections are usually treated initially with drugs. Some of these drugs also kill the ‘good’ lactobacilli; in these cases a subsequent treatment with probiotics (lactobacilli) makes sense to restore the vaginal flora.
Women who are susceptible to recurrent vaginal infections are further advised to take probiotics on a preventative basis. Studies have even shown that the composition of the vaginal flora in these women is different from that of ‘healthy’ women, often lacking the important lactobacilli for defence against vaginal infections.

What is the goal?

To restore the vaginal flora.

Which product can help me?

Oral or vaginal probiotics may be useful to restore/stabilise the vaginal flora.

Moreover, Vagisan Lactic Acid may indeed support probiotic treatment as it acidifies the vaginal environment quickly, thereby providing a good condition for adhesion and growth of the probiotics.


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