FAQ - Vagisan Myko Combi and Myko Combi 3 days

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I have itching all the time and have used vaginal antifungals quite often, but the itching doesn't go away. What should I do?

When itching recurs, most people think of vaginal fungal infections, because itching is one of the most important symptoms of vaginal fungus. However, if the itching does not improve despite (repeated) treatment with antifungal medication, we recommend that you see a doctor in any case. Persistence of symptoms can also be due to causes other than vaginal mycosis; in this case, it is important that a specialist finds out the cause and can prescribe the appropriate treatment. For example, if there is severe itching that persists despite various treatments, think of lichen sclerosus. This is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that can occur in the genital area and needs to be treated by a specialist.

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