FAQ - Vagisan MoistCream Combi

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Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum melts after insertion in the vagina and forms a smooth, soothing cream. This alleviates the symptoms in the vagina.

Vagisan MoistCream has a high water content and thus adds moisture to the skin of the vaginal opening and external genital area. The lipids (fats) it contains soothe and soften dry, sensitive skin.

TheVagisan MoistCream Cremolum pessary is free of fragrances and colourants and contains no preservatives.

The Vagisan MoistCream from the tube contains no fragrances or colourants. It contains a preservative (benzyl alcohol) to ensure the long-term stability of the cream.

You can adapt the frequency of application to your personal needs. The Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum is usually inserted into the vagina once a day (e.g. in the evening); you can reduce the frequency after one to two weeks – to approx. 2-3 times a week. We recommend wearing a panty liner when using this product.

You can apply the Vagisan MoistCream from the tube to the external genital area and vaginal opening several times a day as needed.

No incompatibility with condoms has been reported for Vagisan MoistCream. However, our products are tested regularly and more recent test results based on stricter safety standards have led to the conclusion that complete compatibility with condoms may not be guaranteed. We therefore recommend not using Vagisan MoistCream with condoms in the future.

No data are available for Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum.

You can use the Vagisan MoistCream from the tube even if you wish to conceive, both in the external genital area and in the vagina. Sperm motility is not affected.
However, no data are available for Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum. You should therefore use only Vagisan MoistCream.

During menopause and in the years after, vaginal dryness is caused by decreasing hormone levels. Vaginal dryness is therefore not likely to "disappear" but will rather remain. Regular use of Vagisan MoistCream Combi, which adds moisture and soothing lipids (fats) to the skin in the vagina and external genital area is comparable with skin care for your face and hands. Through regular use, you help your skin stay soft and supple.

It is normal to experience a slight burning temporarily after application of the cream and/or insertion of the vaginal pessary. This skin sensation is also often observed after the application of gels to the genital area.
However, if the burning sensation is very strong and uncomfortable and lasts more than 5 to 10 minutes (possible in individual cases), we advise against the continued use of Vagisan MoistCream Combi.

Yes, Vagisan MoistCream Combi is also suitable for women who need to take medication for the treatment and follow-up treatment of breast cancer. Please consult your gynaecologist.

Vagisan MoistCream Combi is suitable for all women who suffer from vaginal dryness, regardless of their age. The MoistCream from the tube can also be used before sexual intercourse.