FAQ - Vagisan General

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

All Vagisan products are available exclusively at your local pharmacy.

Please find more information under Products. There you will find a description of how to use the different Vagisan products.

To distinguish between Vagisan products, it is not so important to look at whether they are capsules or pessaries, but to remember the additional name (e.g. Lactic Acid, Biotin-Lacto or MoistCream Cremolum) and to look up what they are used for (this is always also written on the pack). You can find detailed information on all products under "Products".
If you are looking for "Vaginal pessaries from Vagisan", there are three products from Vagisan that come in the form of a vaginal pessary:
 Vagisan Lactic Acid: Vaginal pessaries to maintain and restore a natural pH level in the vagina by acidification with lactic acid.
 Vagisan MoistCream Cremolum: This vaginal pessary can be purchased as a separate product, but is also part of the combi-pack Vagisan MoistCream Kombi (VagisanMoistCream Cremolum = vaginal pessary, plus Vagisan MoistCream = cream), for use in cases of vaginal dryness.
 Vagisan Myko Kombi for the treatment of vaginal mycosis (vaginal fungal infections): The pack contains a vaginal pessary (for use in the vagina) and a tube of cream (for use in the external intimate area).
"Vagisan vaginal capsules" is about the product called Vagisan ProbioFlora Lactic Acid Bacteria: vaginal capsules to regenerate and maintain healthy vaginal flora.
"Vagisan capsules to swallow" is Vagisan Biotin-Lacto. This product is a food supplement with biotin and lactic acid bacteria: Supports the maintenance of healthy mucous membranes through biotin. This also includes the vaginal mucosa.