FAQ - Vagisan Biotin-Lacto

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All Vagisan products are available exclusively at your local pharmacy.

Adult women take 1 capsule daily (recommended daily intake) with a glass of water.

When using Vagisan Biotin-Lacto, it is more appropriate to take the capsules daily rather than once a week.

Yes, you can take Vagisan Biotin-Lacto during pregnancy. It is best to talk to your doctor about this.

Yes. People with lactose intolerance lack the digestive enzyme lactase. They are unable to break down milk sugar (lactose; a carbohydrate) in their diet, and this leads to digestive disorders/abdominal discomfort. Vagisan Biotin-Lacto does not contain lactose. The lactic acid bacteria contained in Vagisan Biotin-Lacto do not produce lactose.

Yes. Vagisan Biotin-Lacto does not contain any animal ingredients. The lactic acid bacteria are obtained biotechnologically and therefore not from animals. The capsule material of Vagisan Biotin-Lacto does not contain gelatine, but is made of vegetable material.

No. This is neither bad nor dangerous. This is because the ingredients either occur naturally in the vagina or they are harmless to the body/vagina.