Hair removal in the intimate area

Depilatory creams often contain aggressive ingredients that can cause cutaneous redness, itching and burning. There is no problem in principle with shaving or hair removal in the bikini area, but shaving can cause microinjuries to the skin which are entry points for micro-organisms, encouraging skin infections in this area. Some women also have a natural tendency to develop ingrowing hair, that is to say, after shaving or depilation the regrowing hair does not grow outwards but instead, into the skin.This causes itching and inflammation. If a bacterial infection of the hair follicle is added to this, folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle) occurs, which requires medical treatment.


  • shaving or depilation if you have a tendency to develop ingrowing hair and folliculitis
  • depilatory creams
  • dry shaving
  • using an electric razor
  • epilation
  • warm or cold wax hair removal — irritates the skin and is very painful

Appropriate intimate hygiene

  • first shorten the hairs using scissors
  • shave wet, after creating lather
  • only use fresh blades
  • never use blades that have been used by someone else
  • shave in the direction of hair growth, rinse thoroughly, pat dry, moisturise