Full bath, swimming pool, whirlpool

Soaking for extended time in the water (bathtub, swimming pool) causes the skin to swell and lose its protection. It then becomes more susceptible to irritation and/or vaginal infection.

The warm water in a much-used, inadequately disinfected public whirlpool is, like a steam bath, an ideal biotope for micro-organisms of all types. If you are susceptible to recurrent vaginal infections, you should avoid these baths.

Moreover, the chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools can cause skin irritation and allergies in those with such sensitivities.


  • long baths
  • long periods in the swimming pool
  • sitting in moist heat (edge of the swimming pool)
  • public spa baths, steam baths
  • swimming pools, if you are sensitive to chlorine

Appropriate intimate hygiene

  • change your bathing suit after swimming, dry yourself well