A healthy genital area

Natural protective system

The protective system of the female genital area can fight off foreign germs or bacteria. Both the vagina and the external genital area play a role in the protective system. Our interactive overview shows you the zones of the internal and external genital area.

A healthy vagina

What are the signs of a "healthy" vagina? What is the significance of pH values and lactobacilli? Read more about how a healthy vagina is naturally protected against infection!

Keeping the mucous membranes healthy

Healthy mucous membranes, including in the vaginal area, are important to help protect against harmful influences, e.g. foreign germs. Find out more about how to keep the mucous membranes healthy.

A healthy external genital area

The external genital area has a natural defence system against harmful influences and pathogens. Our infographics show you how a healthy genital area works and when an imbalance occurs!

Useful tips on feminine hygiene

Proper cleaning or hair removal in the genital area, use of tampons and panty liners or choosing your underwear – find useful tips for feminine hygiene here!