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The Vagisan products have been specially designed to promote female well-being and help maintain the health of the female genital area. On the Vagisan pages, you can find out more about the most common problems in the genital area as well as possible causes, typical signs, treatment options and preventive measures etc. Maybe you are also interested in useful tips on intimate care. Take time to discover the Vagisan products. Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail should you have any questions on these products.

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What to do against vaginal dryness?

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Vagisan – Well-being in the intimate area

Vagisan Protective Ointment

Protection and care – for women prone to skin irritations in the external genital area. The ointment contains skin-friendly oils and waxes of vegetable origin and forms a soothing, water-repellent yet breathable protective film on the skin. If the skin is already irritated, the ointment can help to relieve the symptoms. In addition to natural ginger extract, it contains nature-identical substances which are also contained in oats and chamomile – these substances are said to soothe the skin.

Vaginal dryness

The feeling of dryness in the genital area combined with itching, burning or pain – vaginal dryness affects almost one out of every two women. Read more about the causes and the symptoms!